My paintings are shiny and change colors, depending on the angle. They seem impossible to photograph accurately. Zoon suggested we make videos to show them, so here we are. I apologize for the slow load time on this page. There are photos of many more on my Instagram Page.

Summoning a Host
18″ x 24″

“When She Dances”
20″ x 24″

“Hekate’s Wish”
30″ x 40″

Ghost Sanctuary
9″ x 12″

The Phoenix
24″ x 30″

“Authentic Self”
24″ x 20″

My goal with visual art is to capture the ineffable. My central motif is “childlike wonder” and my primary technique, fingerpainting, reflects that. My philosophy is to¬† authentically allow the Muses to come through. You may notice that the subject is representative, rather than pure abstraction and continued observation will allow the true subject matter to unfurl, according to your powers of observation and subconscious biases.

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